Bucketlist v. 1.0

I have an obsession with @thebucketlistfamily. They are the cutest and have such an admirable lifestyle.  Here is the start of my own extensive list of places, people, and activities that have my curious attention.  There isn’t a single place I wouldn’t travel to if given the chance, so I won’t list all of the countries in the world.


  • learn to surf
  • go to Asia (anywhere, I’m not picky, seriously.)
  • do a camping trip in the Grand Canyon to see Havasu Falls
  • go bungie jumping
  • kayak with orcas
  • run the Boston Marathon
  • go to India
  • learn to do a handstand
  • OFFICIALLY go to all 50 states
  • swim with manatees
  • see Machu Picchu in Peru
  • learn to scuba dive
  • see the northern lights

OUT of the BUCKET – favorite experiences

  • travel through Spain
  • skydive
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • run a marathon
  • swim with turtles
  • Paris



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